About Changzhou Giken  


Changzhou Giken Sakata was established in October 1994 and it is a subsidiary of Giken Sakata (S) Limited. In February 1993 Giken Sakata (S) Limited was listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange and subsequently transfer listing status to GSS Energy Limited in February 2015. Changzhou Giken Sakata produces high precision micro shafts, precision machined parts, provide PCB assembly services, injection moulding, and tooling design and manufacturing. Products are widely used in household appliances, consumer electronics, automotive, healthcare, industrial and environmental industries.

Since the 1980's, Giken Group has built a name for itself around the world as an integrated contract manufacturer. With the passionate leaders, committed staff and sound financial status, and with the support from our customers, suppliers an business associates, we have grown the manufacturing footprint from Singapore to Indonesia and China. Building on the expertise and resources Giken Sakata accumulated over years, the company is in solid progress to achieve new heights.

Giken Group Structure