Consumer Electronics 

Consumer electronics refer to any device containing an electronics circuit board that is designed to be purchased and used by end users or consumers for daily and non-commercial/professional purposes. Consumer electronics are among the most commonly used form of electronic, computing and communication devices.

Consumer electronics include a broad set of electronic devices that provide one or more functionalities in a home or for a particular individual. The term initially referred to electronic devices that were installed or used specifically inside a home/house. However due to rapid technological advances, they also now incorporate mobile and computing devices, which can easily be carried by an individual outside the home, such as a cell phone or a tablet PC.

Consumer electronics include items, such as televisions, shaver, iron, DVD players, refrigerators, computers, laptops & tablets.

Our expertise and capabilities includes:-

  • Design and manufacture plastic appearance parts, mechanical parts and electronic circuit board
  • Tool making capability, injection molding, printed circuit board assembly and box build assembly
  • Low pressure molding to encapsulate the electronics board against moisture, dust and shock
  • Products for garment care, grooming, printing, remote control, audio video and etc
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 – certified sites